Rainbow Cloth Diapers - 2 Insert

1 Pcs : RM 25

Package 1
5 Pcs : RM 120

Package 2
10 Pcs : RM 230

Kod Rainbow Cloth Diapers:
Blue: CD01
Orange: CD02
White: CD03
Yellow: CD04
Red: CD05
Pink: CD06
Sky Blue: CD07
Purple: CD08
Green: CD09
Light Blue: CD10
Light Green: CD11
Apple Green: CD12

Unique design of adjustable snap button, easy to adjust different size for baby, fit baby weight from 7 to 30 lbsSoft inner fleece to make baby feel good .
Waterproof of outer PUL to prevent leakage.Your baby will feel free to learn to crawl and walk in this non-bulky cloth nappy.The adjustable snap settings grow with your baby and enable you to adjust for your baby’s waist and leg size